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Garage Door Spring Repair, Olathe, Kansas

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Garage door springs are the most common parts that cause the garage door to malfunction. Although, they are designed to work for 10,000 or more cycles, but due to garage door springs replacement scams, you might find yourself looking for a repair expert after a few months. It is therefore, important to buy garage door springs from a reputable seller. Garage Door Repair, Olathe is the name you can count on for all your garage door parts and repair needs. We have a team of enthusiastic professionals who strive to provide top quality service to clients.

How to Spot a Problem with the Garage Door Springs?

If you find that the garage door isn’t opening or closely smoothly, it is a sign that your garage door springs are wearing off. Many homeowners don’t pay attention to the springs, assuming them to be just another part of a garage door but even a small amount of negligence might lead to serious problems in the future. Garage door springs lower or raise the door during operation as they stretch or torque the parts of the door to maintain a balance.

Whether you need garage door torsion spring or extension spring, we have a huge range of premium quality products from the trusted manufacturers. Our team will find out the ideal spring type for your garage door and replace it with the older one to ensure that the door functions properly.

The Difference between Torsion Spring and Extension Spring

A torsion spring helps counterbalance the weight of the door every time you operate it. While a torsion spring is attached over the garage door, the extension spring is attached to the top of the upper tracks on both sides of the door. Whether your garage door has a broken torsion spring or t a broken extension spring, you need to replace it immediately to avoid costly repairs in the future.

If the Garage Springs Break, What Needs to Be Done?

Many individuals consider garage door spring repair as a DIY task, which must not be the case with you. It is one job that needs to be left for the professionals because there are chances that the garage door might crash accidentally and lead to fatal accidents. If the door falls on your car parked inside, it will be a bigger loss that will follow you up for many more years.

It is always better to leave the job of garage door spring repair for the experts because they are the people who know what exactly needs to be done to ensure that the door functions smoothly. Homeowners are advised to get an expert to check the garage door and parts on a regular basis to avoid any sort of inconvenience. If you see that the springs of the garage door are too old, don’t delay in contacting an expert to replace the garage door springs. The only thing that homeowners can do is lubricate the springs if they are making a squeaking noise and rest needs to be left to those who spend several hours every day to master their skills of garage door spring repair.

How We Can Help You?

Whether you are looking for heavy duty spring for garage door or a torsion spring replacement service, Garage Door Repair Olathe is here to offer unmatched service to customers. We provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs, which in itself speaks volumes about the superior quality of our products. Here are a few more reasons to hire us:

  • We are experienced in fixing Wayne-Dalton spring system
  • We can replace garage door cables along with the springs
  • We provide services at an affordable price

Why Us?

Besides the wide range of products that we offer, clients have many more reasons to choose us for garage door repair and service requirements:

Our Team

We have a team of licensed and well-trained technicians who have worked for several years in the garage door industry. Garage Door Repair, Olathe as an organization looks takes initiative to enhance the skills of its team members and arranges training sessions on a regular interval. We are proud to have a team of professionals who love what they do and are always open to the feedbacks and improvement suggestions given by the clients.


A team of highly capable professionals isn’t enough to keep you ahead in the competition. We believe that a sound infrastructure is as importance as the people of the company. We have a sound infrastructure to meet the needs of the clients in an efficient manner which includes having the best garage door spring repair equipment to stocking almost all the garage door related parts.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the paramount of success and we continuously work to improve our work standards to offer satisfactory services to customers. Our team never settles for average because we always aim for the best. There are several levels of quality check in our work process to ensure that the end result is always as per the expectations of the customers.

Affordable Pricing

We believe that being pricey doesn’t qualify you as the best garage door spring repair company in Olathe. Our customers turn to us because we provide them an affordable service in the least possible time without making any sort of compromise with the quality.

And What Else?

  • We provide 24×7 emergency garage door repair services to clients
  • We serve the entire Olathe and ensure that the team reaches you on time
  • We provide free estimates for the service before starting the work
  • We provide garage door springs lifetime warranty

Call Us Today for Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair Job in Olathe, KS

If you are looking for a garage door spring repair company that provides an uncompromised service at an affordable price, turn to Garage Door Repair Olathe. Our team will give you a call before arriving at your place and ensure that they clean up the garage before leaving. Whether you want to buy garage door springs or replace the old ones with the newer and better quality springs, our experts are there to help you. You can email us or call us for further queries and requirements.

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