Importance Of Hsk Test – Course And Format

What is an HSK test?

HSK, also called Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, is a test conducted to check the abilities to use the Chinese language in the daily, professional and academic lives of a non-native Chinese speaker. It is an international standardised exam that rates and tests Chinese language proficiency. The hsk test has many levels; in total, there are six levels. Each level defines how fluent a speaker is.

Many people fear that the test level is way too high, but it is not. The only thing that you need is a considerable amount of knowledge.

Which score is considered a good score in the HSK test?

A 60% is considered as a good hsk score. It is also the minimum criteria for passing out each HSK level. Every test level has different point rankings and hence different passing marks. With each higher level, the course becomes more and more difficult. You can check out the course and format to make the learning process easier.

Is learning the Chinese language difficult?

Yes, the Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Yet, it is the most widely used language in the world. Some people learn Chinese out of curiosity, while some learn to make their lifestyle easy.

If you want to test how fluent you’re in Chinese or how much you know about the Chinese language, then you can take the HSK test. You can pass each level and boost up the chinese learning process with the professional course.

Is hsk the right way to learn Chinese?

Hsk is a clever and powerful way to learn Chinese. With every level, the vocabulary doubles, and the person becomes more fluent and knowledgeable. The initial levels are not very difficult, but linearly the difficulty level increases. If you are looking for ways to learn the Chinese language easily yet sustainably, you should go for HSK.


Can Mandarin be learned online?

Mandarin can be learned in mandarin training centres as well as online. It depends on the convenience of the learner. Many people doubt that online learning is not so efficient, but that is not the truth. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, mandarin training centres will help you out in every possible way. Devote just 5-30 minutes of your day and do efficient learning.